Friday, January 5, 2007

Holiness Manifesto

I've recently come across this document, drawn up and signed by representatives of historic Holiness churches.

The document views the present state of the church in North America as one in decline while captive to a "success" message. The remedy for this sick and dying condition is the Holiness message. I think the document is true to its school in its tying Holiness to proclaimation/preaching. Preaching, for Holiness folk, is delivering a message.

What I do see as missing in this document is the first responsibility of the Holiness Church, of Holiness people: to Worship the Lord in the beauty of His Holiness. Worship shapes the community as a Holy God is formed in us. Worship in Spirit and Truth keeps the church from harshness and legalism. As we love God with our whole heart, we will love His Creation, and call the world and the church back to Holy Covenant.